Louisville Medical Students

Students and graduates of the medical schools located in Louisville, Kentucky beginning in 1837. About the schools.

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Total: 25295
Name Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Graduated
Aaron George A C 1878UL
Abbot Daniel L 1857KSM
Abbot Rufus 1839UL 1839 UL
Abbott A C (Md) 1899KYU
Abbott Albert J 1904HCM
Abbott Albert Lucian 1902KYU 1902 KYU
Abbott C A 1899KSM
Abbott C Augustus 1892KSM 1893KSM 1893 KSM
Abbott Charles H 1891KSM
Abbott Charles N 1875HCM
Abbott Charles Thomas 1894UL 1894 UL
Abbott Clarence 1896KSM 1897KSM 1898 KSM
Abbott Elisha G 1851KSM 1851 KSM
Abbott Fred C 1905KYU 1906KYU 1908UL 1908 UL
Abbott O H P 1846UL
Abbott Samuel E 1903KSM
Abbott W J 1865KSM
Abel George C 1890HCM 1890 HCM
Abell Albert S 1848UL
Abell Anson Twin 1895HCM 1895 HCM
Abell C E 1909UL
Abell G C 1891HCM 1900HCM
Abell John Charles 1889KSM
Abell N H 1906LMC
Abell Nathan Douglas 1907LMC 1908UL 1909UL 1909 UL